June 1, 2007

My favorite entry

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Is by Robert Couturier


This comes from ebay and could be great.

Hans Wegner Danish Modern Side Table Stand Eames Era

Hans J. Wegner for RY Mobler Small teak cabinet

Item number: 170116948409


His living room:living-couturie.jpg

Living area arrangement from Larry Laslo :



And more from Brooke Duchin


May 29, 2007

Places to go

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Boring but useful:

our hardware for the kitchen. Offsized. Canbe found here:

Asian-inspired living room furniture

Walpaper or stenciling?

Stencil library is here:

The wallpaper here is beautiful. Our bathrooms and Anna’s room!!!

coveranna1.jpg wallpaper1.jpgwallpaper2.jpgwallpaper3.jpg

Kilim wallpaper goes with suzani and our bathroom:


May 28, 2007

South area of the house.

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Feng Shui says, that Southern area of your house is responsible for Recognition and Fame. This area’s symbol is Fire, color – Red.

In our new home master bedroom falls into this area.

I will have my altar in the very south corner of the room. My large Quan Yin Statue will have to go on a new altar table.

I am bidding on one. Massive teak wood Japanese table.


Wood feeds fire, so it will be very good for the spot. I will have many candles and incences in the room. Burn them often.

Framed diplomas, desired items and achievments, positive photos of you, lead facetted crystal with red string in the window —-recomendations of my Feng Shui book for this room.

Our dining table will be in the kitchen

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Here is our dinig table I bought in Scandinavia, New Orleans.


There are beautiful chairs with the table on this picture. But the local store did not have anything like it.

Because, I did not care for their chairs and especially the prices, I ‘ve decided to try to find something on ebay. I am fond of some Art Deco Style sprinkled into modern for our new home. So I fell for antique Neo Classical Chair set. It will have to be reupholstered. I hope it works and our chairs will not fall apart too soon.


I also would buy more of like them later:


May 27, 2007

Suzani’s are beautiful!!!

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I can not wait to receive my Suzani from Uzbekistan.


Way after I gave birth to this idea of draping a gorgeous Suzani over my bed( I bought it on EBay), I opened Metropolitan Magazine once in a bookstore and … synchronicity!!!

This is how Marjorie Skouras uses an old Suzani in her bedroom. The 100’s monkey effect I am a representation of.suzani-marjorie.jpg

Marjorie canopies Suzani. Very smart. I did not think such a way with my suzani.

You can buy exact Marjorie’s suzani on ebay here:

On sofas

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Decor8 mentioned Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams‘s furniture. I found a dealer in New Orleans on Magazine St. (Villa Vice).

So I can check out these two sofas:

Baxter and the Dexter


I will also call round DWR on the same street and check out Bantam sofa:


Also I like Velero Sofa  and Matenee by V. Kagan (russian). It can be bought through HM in New Orleans. They sell American Leather.



There is also cool Dakar sleeper for John’s and family rooms :



I think I got the drift…..of designing thoughtfully. I love color. But i would use color! on the walls painting them brightly instead of buying expensive furniture in brights and prints. I know I will get tired of certain colors soon and will want to change the mood. But if I spent $2000 on a sofa I will feel bad about changing it. Painting a wall is easy and chip. So, as Decor8 advices:

“As for fabric, a grey or beige tweed would be perfect, that way I can freely mix and match pillows and throws to change the mood. You really can’t go wrong.

I love this side table from Brocade Home for Anna’s or our bedroom


Or from West Elm something like Concave Drum Tables (129)

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Holly Becker at decor8 for many great ideas I borrowed from her blog.

More Zebra and so on

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Some more pastel blue, zebra, gold, turquoise.


Bantam sofa $1,600   from DWR was recommended and I am going to check it out tomorrow.

Antique Chinese furniture is recommended by Decor8 Green Tea Design.

Sofas and other things

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This Urban Outfitters Fainting sofa could be a connecting accent in our orange living room to blue green bedrooms- hall.


I will have former dining room converted into MY room for yoga, office, reading…

It is Sherwin Williams Orange Blast. I think I will keep the decor in it white and cream, kind of like this:


(images via: Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz)
Many societies consider yellow a sacred color, closest to heaven and enlightenment. Throughout history, numerous rulers have chosen yellow as their royal color, from the gold encrusted Ashanti of West Africa to the five legendary emperors of ancient China. In Greek mythology, yellow was the color of Apollo, god of the sun, wisdom and nobility. Maybe I should include yellow and gold here as well.

I love color!!!!

How to arrange furniture in the living room?


from martha angus design.
Zebra rug is here at Horchow:

or at the same place:

Natural sheepskin rug is available in a variety of shades to suit any room.

Anna’s blue room would be beautiful with this accents of yellow, zebla, more white.


Chinoiserie wallpaper sources (Anna’s bathroom and ?)

From Domino Magazine website.

Secondhand Rose

This site claims to have the world’s largest collection of vintage papers, some of which date back 150 years. Prices range from $70 per roll to $1,200 for a roll of an original Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

Hannah’s Treasures

You’ll find a great stock of floral, scenic and graphic papers, mostly from the 1930s through the 1960s. Prices start at $75 per roll.

E.W. Moore

A British site that will ship worldwide, it features floral and geometric repeats in vibrant colors (Click on “book four” for the best selection). Most papers are listed at about $45 per roll.


A little tricky to navigate this Swedish site (search the wallpaper section by selecting a pattern and then hitting “send”), but worth it. You’ll find some subtle stripes and florals among the modern Scandinavian patterns. Prices start at about $55.


A German site that offers lots of strong, bold patterns from the 1950s to the 1980s. Check out the re-edition section for mod, reprints of vintage graphics. Prices average $40 to $50 per roll.

Johnny Tapete’s

Another from Germany, this is the place to go if you’re wanting a seventies rec-room look. Prices average about $30 per roll.

My favs room color designs

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Red and orange from Domino:

for anna

Domino for Anna’s bedroom:

family room

Family room from Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design




For our living room from

Charlotte Moss:





Even more rugs

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And , Yes, this is EBay.




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